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 New Service - 8 1/2" Full Vent Rib Conversion  

Before Conversion

After Conversion

I started in the Auto Mag barrel conversion business by converting standard 10-1/2" silhouette (short rib) barrels to the "Clint length" 8-1/2" Full Vent Rib barrels after "Sudden Impact" debuted in 1984. There were a lot of those barrels floating around at the time and I contracted with numerous clients who had acquired 10-1/2" barrels for the sole purpose of converting them to the 8-1/2" configuration. After a while the barrels became scarce and interest waned. However, over the years conversion jobs continued to come my way, and my skills in this area improved with each one.

In 2012, I was approached by two good friends about doing some barrel conversions, and since I needed to develop new tooling for the project anyway, what better way to develop the tooling than to build it around existing barrels?

As a result, I am happy to offer this service to anyone wanting to convert their .357AMP, .44AMP or .45WinMag 10-1/2" barrel to an 8-1/2" Full Vent Rib 'Dirty Harry' styel barrel. The front sight will be removed and the barrel cut down to 8-1/2". The partial rib will be removed and the barrel fitted with a full length 8-1/2" vent rib with integrated sight and the 10 line serrations featured on the original 6-1/2" barrels and the "Sudden Impact" pistol.

The cost for this service is $750.00 per barrel plus insured Priority shipping. If you would like to have your barrel converted, email us , use our handy Contact Form, If emailing us or using the Contact Form and you would like us to call you back please be sure to include your phone number and the best time to call you.

The preferred payment method is by using the 'Add to Cart' button below (please be sure to contact us immediately after placing your order). You may also pay by personal or business check, or money order. No Certified Checks, please.

We would also be glad to convert your barrel to another length on a special order basis. Please contact us to discuss arrangements and pricing.

Standard 10 1/2" to 8 1/2" Barrel Conversion

 Auto Mag Service & Repair   

The  Auto Mag

The Auto Mag is an extremely complex pistol and suffice it to say, most gunsmiths do not even know how to work on them. This is definitely a case where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The idiosyncrasies of the gun are too numerous to take into account unless you work with them on a regular basis.

I am your best source for Auto Mag services and repair work. I worked for AMT as a machinist, tool room foreman and Service Manager, and in these positions I gained a wealth of knowledge about the Auto Mag, its characteristics and functionality. For more information about my time at AMT and experience with Auto Mags, please see my History Page and The Baby Automag Story

Below is a list of services and repair work that Maynard Arms offers. Please contact us for current pricing and availability on repair work since parts are getting scarce and the economy is so volatile. Although we offer these services and repair work, we are sometimes limited by circumstances beyond our control.

In addition to Auto Mag pistols, we work on many other brands and types of firearms. Please send us an email or call us to discuss your needs.

Auto Mag Services

Auto Mag Tuneup

Includes a complete disassembly of the pistol, a thorough examination of all parts, and ajustment of the disconnector (trigger bar) for correct lock up if necessary. Many factors are addressed and all findings reported to the owner along with recommendations for additional work.   $240.00

NOTE: Performing this service requires that you ship your Auto Mag to us via an FFL licensee in our area in compliance with Federal Law. $40.00 of the cost of this service is for the associated FFL transfer fees. Upon completion of the work, you may choose to have your Auto Mag returned directly to you or a local FFL licensee. Please see our Firearms Shipping Policy for more information.

This is a non-inclusive list of the other Auto Mag services we offer.

Helicoil Replacement

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Bolt Repair

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Rib Rewelding

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Bolt Ring Repair

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Bolt Ring Replacement

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Magazine Rewelding

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Frame Refinishing

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Rib Reblasting

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